Erin Ganju, former CEO of Room to Read (San Francisco, CA)

Kristin was an integral part of growing our award winning organization from 70 to 600 worldwide employees. Anyone that works with her would be lucky to benefit from her expertise.

Gitanjali Rawat, Nonprofit Professional (San Francisco, CA)

I am a Nonprofit Communications Professional and I recently immigrated to the United States from India. As an immigrant, I faced several challenges in integrating myself with the US workforce. Kristin helped me to overcome some of these challenges by carefully discerning my situation, providing stellar interview training skills as well as priceless tips about the US work culture. Working with her helped me to prepare thoroughly for upcoming job interviews, build confidence in my abilities and effectively showcase my background to potential employers… I’m on my way to restarting my career here in the US.

Brook Bishop, Event Production Manager (Brooklyn, NY)

Kristin transformed my original resume by showcasing my experience in a way that I can now proudly stand behind. She taught me how to use my resume to better catch the attention of employers in this tough job market. I learned that it is not only about finding a job, but about finding a job that’s the right fit for me. Despite living across the country, it was a seamless process and I highly recommend her to others seeking better results out of their job search.

Jennifer Adrian, Registered Nurse (San Francisco, CA)

I am a mid-professional Registered Nurse who relocated to San Francisco, which has a very competitive job market especially for nursing.  Kristin revised my resume to make it look beautiful, professional and appealing to employers. She emphasized my career growth and made my resume 3-dimensional. She was also helpful with interview advice and networking tools. With her help, I successfully landed the exact job I was seeking and was even complimented on my resume by my new manager.  Kristin is not only creative and knowledgeable in many fields, but also a pleasure to work with. I have already recommended her to both family and friends.

Zack Anciaux, Territory Sales Manager (San Jose, CA)

As a recent college graduate, it was very daunting breaking into the workforce. Kristin’s experience and immense knowledge of the hiring process made all of the difference. She helped with all aspects of the process including reworking my resume to make it clear and concise, coaching me on my cover letter, guiding me on interview preparation, and proper post interview etiquette. Her enthusiasm and support made my search for a career enjoyable because I knew I wasn’t doing it alone. Her guidance and expertise took the uncertainty out of the process and made me more confident in front of potential employers. I would highly recommend Kristin’s services, especially to all new graduates. Thanks to all of her help, I started my career path quickly in a job that suits me perfectly.